Palm Kernel Oils Expeller
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Palm Kernel Oil is extracted from soft part of the seed (the inner part) of the Oil Palm fruit. Palm Kernel Oil is generally used for non-edible purposes such as the formulations of soaps, cosmetics and detergents - oleochemicals. In addition, Palm Kernel Oil is popularly used in commercial cooking and frying because it remains stable at high cooking temperatures and is lower in cost than other oils while allowing for a longer shelf life than other vegetable oils.

The Palm Kernel Oils Expellers that manufactured by NST is a leading innovation with combined effort of our technical expertise and extension research & development. Our Palm Kernel Oils Expellers comprises of NST20PK, NST25PK, NST30PK and NST35PK primarily for crushing and extraction of palm kernel oils. NST Palm Kernel Oils Expeller made up of main frame, feed cage, body cage, hopper, main shaft, assembly of worms and collars, base frame, gearbox, belt & pully and motor. 

The features that make NST series Palm Kernel Oils Expeller stand out are:
1.High Capacity: Can process until 28 – 32T/ 24 hours of Uncrushed Cakes
2.Tail Pressing: NST20PK can serve as Tail Pressing which is design to crush/ process Palm Kernel Sludge to extract more Palm Kernel Oil
3.High Stability: Base Plate with size 8” x 6.5” I-Beam which is stronger and firmer in the market
4.Space Saving: Motor assemble on top of Gearbox to reduce space requirement that enhance space efficiency in PKE Plant
5.Long-Life Usage: Worms & Collars materials are made up of Stainless-Steel c/w Hard Facing except of 1 part which is made up of Carbon Steel
6.High Performance: Achieve not more than 6.5% of oil content in Palm Kernel Cake
7.Economical Viable: Loose pieces of worms & collars instead of as one (1) part connection to main shaft, wear and tear replacement of the worms & collars are only required on the specific piece only









1st Pressing (Ton/24 hours)

18 – 20T

25 – 28T

28T – 32T

35T – 38T

2nd Pressing (Ton/ 24 hours)

10 – 11T




Tail Pressing (Ton/ 24 hours)

5 – 6T





To crush and extract palm kernel oil from palm kernel.

To product by-product palm kernel cake.


Required Kernel Quality

In accordance to MEOMA Standard, 

(i) The moisture content shall be less than 7%

(ii) The dirt & shell content shall be less than 6%

After 1st pressing

11% - 13% of oil content in cakes

After 2nd pressing

6% - 7.5% of oil content in cakes

After Tail pressing

<6.5% of oil content in cakes


Base Plate: 8” x 6.5” I-Beam, strong and firm with high stability

Motor Assembly: On top of the Gearbox, consume less space

Worms & Collars Assembly: Stainless Steel/ Carbon Steel c/w Hard Facing

Lifespan of Worms & Collars: Long life time, 400-430 working hours


Triple Reduction Helical Gear


Three-Phase AC Induction Motors

55kw (75HP) 6 Poles

75kw (100HP) 4 Poles

75kw (100hp) 4 Poles

75kw (100hp) 6 Poles


415V/ 3PH / 50Hz

1485rpm/ 415V/ 3PH / 50Hz

1485rpm/ 415V/ 3PH/ 50Hz


415V/ 3PH/





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